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Labor for Auto Auctions

Drivers, General Laborers, and Customized Services for Auto Dealers



Experienced Support for Dealer and Public Auctions


We provide qualified staff for all aspects of your auto auction, including transportation, manpower, logistics, driving, and any other requirements. As part of our Managed labor solution for auction needs, we supply the drivers to move cars from dealerships to the auction site, move vehicles around the lot and stage during the action. We provide the management to oversee the process and verify daily results and reports to the auction house. Additionally, we can provide specific hire needs such as mechanics, washers, and other specialty requests.


Best For Your Bottom Line


Like many other industries, the auction world is under pressure to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver a quality experience to buyers. Costa Sourcing’s trained staff moves vehicles quickly and efficiently and keeps them spotless and shining, while managing risk, allowing you to focus on your core business.



We are a one stop shop, providing managed labor for all aspects of your business.


Our drivers are thoroughly vetted, licensed, and experienced. We use only fully qualified drivers.


We provide a point-to-point solution to move your assets and equipment to and from the auction site.




Let’s get this show on the road!

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